The Gemini 14 color and styling team practices the latest techniques and trends in the industry. We pride ourselves in being dedicated and responsive to our clients’ needs, which we have been successfully doing for more than 30 years. We work as a team to ensure that our clients leave Gemini 14 looking their best, feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Our dedicated design team members utilize their resources, their creativity and their expertise to care for our clients’ styling and coloring needs.

We believe that our clients’ hair is their most valuable accessory and we provide the utmost care in helping them make the perfect statement and craft the perfect look.

Dedicated to The Perfect Extensions


Often referred to as the magic wand, hair extensions deliver natural and damage free results highly coveted by many clients. This service is personally crafted to your individual needs.

+ Volume Service $350.00 and Up.

The perfect solution for clients that feel like they just need a little extra hair to enhance a natural look. Either the hair you grow is simply too thin or just no enough a volume service adds perfectly textured hair that is precisely color matched to suit you.

+ Color Service $250.00 and Up.

Having a color service with hair extensions can add variety of shades to your hair with no commitment. From blonds that wan to add super vibrant highlights but don’t want to risk the integrity of the hair, to special events situations where the client wants to add an accent color with out subjecting their natural hair to the permanency of color.

+ Lengthening Service $700.00 and Up.

Clients often feel like they simply can’t attain the length they desire soon enough. Adding length with hair extensions can help take you to your desired length instantly.

+ Full Service $2000.00 and Up.

Not everyone is designed to grow thick, long perfectly textured locks of hair. Celebrities often utilize this service to complete their super flattering styles. Whether you are in for a complete make over, trying to reserve a bad haircut, or add length and volume, a full service of hair extensions delivers amazing results that supersede most expectations.

+ Customized Clip-in Hair Upon Consultation.

Not everyone is designed to grow thick, long perfectly textured locks of hair. Celebrities often utilize this service to complete their super flattering styles. Whether you are in for a complete make over, trying to reserve a bad haircut, or add length and volume, a full service of hair extensions delivers amazing results that supersede most expectations.

Dedicated to Perfect Texture

Create smooth curls or permanently straightened hair. Our highly experienced team of retexturing specialists bring a lot of knowledge to the table. When it comes to discussing your options, retexturing your hair is taken very seriously. We take pride in the abilities of our staff to make achievable promises about your results. Today there are hundreds of different products offering perfectly frizz-free shiny healthy hair, let us help you decide the best choice for you.

Gemini Salon is voted as “the Best Salon for Hair Straightening” in New York Magazinne.


+ Thermal Reconditioning $500.00
+ Cold Smoothing $250.00
+ Hair Taming Treatment $300.00

*Prices indicated are starting prices.


Dedicated to Color Perfection


The Gemini philosophy is to achieve perfect hair color results by incorporating several key elements throughout your salon service.

The first and most important element in this process is to provide an in depth consultation, where your color specialist gains perspective on your specific needs and wishes. Gemini color specialists are trained to embrace your desired look, while taking into consideration your hair type, current hair condition, and the history of your hair.

Your color specialist will choose the most suitable formulation and technique based on your desires in salon discussion, all the while. maintaining the integrity of your hair. The salon provides the highest quality products in the business. Our color products feature innovative technologies, which ensure perfect color results without compromising care. Our products ensure longer lasting color, brilliance and tone.

Once your color service in completed, the specialist takes the time to review the results with you. Upon assuring your complete satisfaction, your colorist keeps things exciting and new by offering ways to enhance your look on your next visit.


+ Color Correction Upon Consultation
+ Gloss / Color Shine $75.00
+ Single Process $95.00
+ Hairline Touch Up $60.00
+ Color Balancing $55.00
+ Partial Highlight $175.00
+ Full Highlight $225.00
+ Face Frame Highlight $100.00
+ Balayage $200.00

*Prices indicated are starting prices.

Dedicated to Styling Perfection

The Gemini styling team stays up to date with all the current trends that give you a beautiful, and most importantly, a long lasting style. The vigorously trained team at Gemini 14 is considered to be a leader in the business and is trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry to set new standards for great hair.

A great blow out can suffice in giving you the polished appearance you are trying to achieve, or you can choose from the enhancements menu and step up your look, adding a special signature of amplified beauty.

+ Blow Out $45.00

The foundation to your style, this service includes a shampoo and conditioning massage.

+ Hot Tools $15.00

Heat provides longevity and extra intensity to your style, using flat or curling irons, or hot rollers.

+ Hot Tools In Conjunction With Blow Out  $20.00
+ Pins & Rollers $20.00

Add this to your Blow Out for additional volume and soft movement.

+ Hair Pieces** $25.00

Add extra hair with this clip-in option for additional fullness and length.

+ Special Events $65.00 – $150.00

Customized hair styles for formal affairs (Consultation Recommended)

*Prices indicated are starting prices.

**Individually customized clip-in hair is available for purchase at the salon.


Dedicated to Cutting Perfection


The Gemini styling team embraces a passionate approach to enhancing your individual features, while taking into consideration your personal style. Your haircut is crafted to make certain that your style not only suits you and looks great but also provides for an achievable look at home.

The salon offers free consultations. You may also decide on varying degrees of experience when selecting your stylist.

+ Master Stylist $115.00
+ Senior Stylist $95.00
+ Junior Stylist $75.00
+ Men’s Cut $55.00

*Prices indicated are starting prices.

+ Bridal Trials $100.00
+ Bridal Party** $100.00 – $150.00
+ Bride In-Salon $150.00 – $200.00

*On location Bridal Styling is available. Prices are based on location and date. A consultation is Necessary.
**Prices are per person.

Dedicated to Perfect Make-Up

Gemini 14 offers makeup services for all occasions. Our professional makeup artists are trained to provide you with your best look on your special day. From nightlife, special events and weddings, Gemini 14 is available to provide you with all your needs. Ask about our makeup parties for birthdays, girls night out and bachelorette parties. We can customize a group party to meet your needs.

+ Application $100.00
+ Eye Lash Application $30.00
+ Eye Brow Shaping $30.00
+ Bride $250.00
+ Bridal Trial $150.00
+ Bridesmaid $150.00
+ One On One Lesson $175.00


Spa treatments


We offer a full range of spa treatments including: Manicure, Pedicure, Waxing and Facials. Our team of European estheticians are thorough and very experienced.

+ Manicure $25.00
+ Pedicure ( 1 Hour ) $50.00
+ Facial $100.00
+ Full Leg $45.00
+ Upper Leg $25.00
+ Lower Leg $25.00
+ Full Arm $35.00
+ Half Arm $20.00
+ Underarm $15.00
+ Stomach $15.00
+ Eyebrows $20.00
+ Lip, Chin $15.00
+ Check, Neck $15.00
+ Back $40.00
+ Bikini $25.00
+ Brazilian $45.00

*Prices indicated are starting prices.

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